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Hello Friends!


My name is Keli and I am the face behind Swish Avenue!  With a background in art and design, I have always had a special love for all things fashion.  My earliest memories are of styling the kids in my kindergarten class and spending hours dreaming up outfits with cutouts from catalogs. 

Owning a boutique is a life-long dream that I hope to share with you!  I have spent countless hours shopping for just the right items I think compliment a great wardrobe for each season!  Keeping in line with what is current, I pay special attention to the smaller, unique details that make that piece extra special and will make you feel great about adding it to your closet.  Every clothing and jewelry purchase is an investment, and I make sure to curate brands that deliver amazing quality and fabric at a reasonable price level.  My goal with Swish is to help bridge the gap between the less expensive and lesser quality fashion of today and the high-end pieces that are not compatible with everyone's budget.

  We all love feeling beautiful, strong and confident when we walk out the door.  What we wear is such a big part of that feeling.  Helping women feel amazing feeds my soul.  Thank you for supporting Swish Ave.!


XO, Keli